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Cosmopak Celebrates America Recycles Day with Mono Material, PCR and Refillable Ecoforward Packaging Solutions

America Recycles Day, celebrated every 15th of November, is a remarkable initiative that urges us all to consider our consumption patterns and waste. It's an ideal opportunity to raise awareness about recycling and encourage the purchase of recycled or recyclable products. 

In this era of conscious consumerism, businesses, particularly in the cosmetics industry, are quickly realizing the value of sustainable packaging. Recognizing this trend, cosmopak has made a significant impact in this domain. Our innovative approach to packaging solutions not only addresses environmental concerns but also aligns with the evolving needs of the consumer.

Cosmopak is proud to lead the way in sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions. Our ecoforward approach includes mono-material, pcr and refillable packaging – innovative practices that help reduce waste and promote a circular economy.  

Mono Material Packaging

Mono material packaging is an innovative solution that uses one type of material for the entire packaging. This not only simplifies recycling but also reduces the need for multiple materials, hence conserving resources.

cosmopak ecoforward mono pet lipstickTake, for example, a traditional lipstick tube is usually made from a combination of plastic, metal, and often other materials. Our mono material lipstick tube (LP-0017) is made entirely of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is 100% recyclable. It not only serves the functional purpose but also aligns with our company’s commitment towards a greener future.

Cosmopak provides a vast offering of mono material packaging like paper, plastic, and metal across all beauty categories. Explore our mono material sample gallery or contact us today for specific solutions tailored to your project needs. 


Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Materials

PCR materials are those made from waste that consumers have used and discarded. What sets these materials apart is their potential to be reused, thus reducing the need for new material production. 

The advantages of using PCR materials are numerous: cosmopak mono pcr tube

  • Less waste generation

  • Reduction in landfill space

  • Conservation of natural resources

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Cosmopak has been an early adopter of PCR materials since 2018. By doing so, we have made innovative advancements to PCR technology and developed an ever-growing assortment of PCR components. More recently, we've partnered with Plastic Bank, which is an initiative that collects ocean-bound plastic that is later used to make PCR materials. Learn more about our Offset Plastic Program.

Explore our pcr material sample gallery or contact us today for specific solutions tailored to your project needs. 

cosmopak pcr packaging

Refillable Packaging

Refillable packaging – the concept is in the name! It's all about creating packaging that can be refilled and reused, reducing waste and promoting consumer value.


For instance, you may have a luxurious deodorant stick like our mono aluminum refillable deo stick (JC-0018) that, rather than being discarded once empty, can be refilled. This not only reduces waste but also adds value for the consumer as they get to keep and reuse the beautifully branded stick.

Cosmopak offers a large variety of refillable packaging solutions such as compacts, lipsticks, sticks, vials, bottles and pumps. The goal is clear - reduce, refill, reuse! Explore our ecoforward refillable sample gallery or contact us today for specific solutions tailored to your project needs.

cosmopak refillable packaging


A Call To Commit to Sustainable Practices

In conclusion, Cosmopak's sustainable packaging solutions are not just helping to lead the way, but also contributing significantly to minimizing environmental impacts. Their focus on mono material, PCR, and refillable packaging not only aligns with the spirit of America Recycles Day but also sets a benchmark for businesses in the cosmetics industry.

The significance of celebrating America Recycles Day extends beyond the day itself. It's a call to commit to sustainable practices, not just in packaging but in all areas of our lives. As consumers, we hold the power to drive change and make a difference. We can choose to support businesses like Cosmopak that are prioritizing sustainability and helping create a greener and healthier planet.

So, next time you’re shopping for cosmetics, consider the packaging. Is it mono material? Does it incorporate PCR materials? Is it refillable? Your choices can make a world of difference. Happy America Recycles Day!


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