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beauty packaging suppliers pivot to meet new demands

WWD feature

cosmopak spoke to WWD about how brands are pivoting to meet the new demands during the pandemic. In addition to hygienic beauty solutions, a large focus for brands has been sustainability. For about the last five years cosmopak has been investing in post-consumer recycled plastics made with bioplastics, produced from renewable biomass sources, such as sugarcane. We're starting to see some of that payoff from the investment.

"The secular trends that happened pre-COVID-19 were only accelerated by the pandemic.”
—Dan Wolfe, SVP Business Development

Our most recent collections include the mindful beauty collection focusing on PCR and bioresin components, the blue water collection focusing on PCR plastics, the terra collection focusing on refillable components, and most recently, cyberglam, focusing on clean formulas that don’t sacrifice performance.

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