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Packaging Trend Tracker: Consumer Sustainability Buy-in

Global Cosmetic Industry Feature

Studies have found that consumers want sustainable products and packaging, but their behavior is lagging. This is due to factors like lack of transparency, trust and consistency between consumers, retailers, brands and suppliers. Cosmopak is being proactive in helping brands prepare to move forward with eco-friendly initiatives by developing solutions with clear sustainability benefits.

Cosmopak recognizes that every brand’s sustainable journey will be different. Its new rooted in beauty packaging collection therefore features an array of sustainable formats, including monomaterial, biodegradable and refillable formats, as well as sustainable materials like glass, metal, wood, paper, PCR and biomaterials.

The wide range allows brands a large variety of ways to approach sustainability in a way that aligns with their values, leveraging sustainable packaging and/or offset options.

"We are excited to introduce our rooted in beauty packaging collection, which reflects our dedication to sustainability and innovation. Through our ecoforward framework, we aim to empower beauty brands to make conscious choices that align with their sustainability goals without compromising on creativity, functionality, or brand aesthetics."
—Dan Wolfe, senior vice president of business development, Cosmopak

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