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cosmopak launches waves of beauty packaging and accessory collection

Dive into cosmopak's new 2024-2025 packaging and accessory collection: waves of beauty.


New York, NY: Today, cosmopak usa, llc, a leading beauty manufacturer renowned for its innovative packaging and turnkey offerings, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest “waves of beauty” collection that highlights a variety of innovative and ecoforward packaging and accessories. Cosmopak aims to inspire clients by showcasing trending items and demonstrating our wide range of capabilities.

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Ecoforward packaging with unique shapes and functions

The “waves of beauty” collection by cosmopak showcases a selection of trendy stock mold options for bottles, tubes, vials, and sticks. This collection emphasizes ecoforward materials such as glass, aluminum, and mono-material. However, all items from Cosmopak are custom-made and can be produced in various materials, sizes, shapes, and functions to meet your specific needs.
Preview the collection below, and contact us with detailed information. We will collaborate with you to develop a project brief, ensuring we create the perfect cosmetic packaging solution for your brand.

cosmopak waves of beauty packaging collection features bottles, tubes, vials, airless pumps and more

Custom-designed bags in any material for every occasion 

The “waves of beauty” accessory collection features custom-designed accessories by cosmopak's in-house creative team. Showcasing a variety of materials such as cotton, Tyvek, PVC, and bio-based PU, this collection highlights our versatility. Additionally, all bags made by cosmopak can be crafted from alternative materials, including ecoforward recycled textiles. Every aspect—design, size, shape, and function—is fully customizable.
Contact us today to get started developing custom accessories that perfectly suit your brand and project needs. 
cosmopak waves of beauty accessory collection features custom-designed bags by cosmopak's in-house creative team.


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